Why Do Dogs Love Blankets?

Why Do Dogs Love Blankets?


It's a common sight to see a dog curled up on a cozy blanket, seemingly in pure bliss. But have you ever wondered why dogs love blankets so much? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this adorable behavior.

1. Comfort and Security

One of the main reasons why dogs love blankets is the comfort and security they provide. Just like humans, dogs seek warmth and a sense of safety. Blankets offer a soft and snug environment that mimics the feeling of being cuddled or nestled against their mother.

2. Temperature Regulation

Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans, and some breeds are more susceptible to cold weather. Blankets act as insulators, trapping their body heat and helping them maintain a comfortable temperature. This is especially beneficial during colder seasons or for dogs with thin fur.

3. Denning Instinct

Dogs have a natural denning instinct, which is an innate desire to create a safe and secure space. Blankets can fulfill this instinct by providing a den-like environment. Dogs may dig or scratch at the blanket to create a cozy spot before settling down.

4. Anxiety and Stress Relief

Blankets can have a calming effect on dogs, especially those dealing with anxiety or stress. The weight and pressure provided by a blanket can offer a sense of comfort and reduce feelings of fear or unease. This is similar to the concept of a weighted blanket for humans.

5. Scent Retention

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and blankets can retain their scent. By snuggling up with a familiar-smelling blanket, dogs can find reassurance and a sense of familiarity. This is particularly beneficial for dogs experiencing separation anxiety or adjusting to a new environment.

6. Nesting Behavior

Another reason why dogs love blankets is their natural nesting behavior. Just like their wild ancestors, domestic dogs have an instinct to create a comfortable sleeping area. Blankets provide them with the ability to arrange and manipulate their sleeping environment to their liking.

7. Fun and Play

Blankets can also serve as a source of entertainment for dogs. They might enjoy pawing, digging, or even burrowing under the blanket, turning it into a playful game. This interactive behavior can provide mental stimulation and keep them occupied.

8. Bonding and Affection

Sharing a blanket with your dog can be a bonding experience. It creates a sense of closeness and can strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. Dogs often associate blankets with positive experiences, such as cuddling with their owners or receiving attention, which further reinforces their love for blankets.

9. Sense of Ownership

Having their own blanket can give dogs a sense of ownership and territoriality. It becomes their special spot where they can retreat and relax. Having a designated blanket can also prevent them from seeking out other furniture or items in the house to claim as their own.

10. Comfort During Illness or Recovery

When dogs are feeling under the weather or recovering from an illness or surgery, blankets offer them additional comfort. The softness and warmth can provide relief and aid in their healing process. Additionally, blankets can protect sensitive areas or surgical wounds from irritation.

11. Instinctual Burrowing

Many dog breeds have a natural instinct to burrow or tunnel. Blankets provide the perfect opportunity for dogs to indulge in this behavior. Burrowing under a blanket can make dogs feel secure and hidden, satisfying their innate desire to create a cozy space.

12. Sound Dampening

Dogs have sensitive hearing, and certain sounds can be overwhelming or anxiety-inducing for them. Blankets can help dampen external noises, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs living in busy households or noisy urban areas.

13. Protection from Hard Surfaces

Some dogs, especially those with bony prominences or joint issues, may find hard surfaces uncomfortable to lie on. Blankets provide a cushioning effect, reducing pressure on their bodies and making it more comfortable for them to rest or sleep.

14. A Sense of Familiarity

Dogs are creatures of habit and find comfort in routines and familiar objects. Blankets provide a consistent and familiar scent and texture, creating a sense of security and reassurance for dogs. This can be especially comforting when they are in unfamiliar environments or situations.


There are numerous reasons why dogs love blankets. From providing comfort and security to temperature regulation, anxiety relief, entertainment, and even fulfilling instinctual behaviors, blankets play a significant role in a dog's life. Understanding and accommodating this behavior by providing them with their own blanket can contribute to their overall well-being and happiness.

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