Dog Heaven™ Furrsonalized Blanket




Small (38" x 28") Large (38" x 31")

Dog Heaven™ Furrsonalized Blanket




Small (38" x 28") Large (38" x 31")

Introducing The Softest Personalized Blanket For Your Fur Baby

Our customized dog blanket is specially designed to provide coziness while also serving as car seat protector, or anywhere else you need it. Use it on furniture, dog kennels, and other areas to keep them free from pet hair, dirt, spills and more! 

  • Machine Washable - Simply machine wash this cozy blanket in cold water on a delicate cycle and either hang to dry or dry with low to medium heat
  • Stress Relief - Gives a sense of security and comfort to soothe your pets stress/nerves
  • Protect Fashionably Protects your furniture, car seats, dog kennels, dog beds, and other areas from pet hair, dirt, spills and more while blending into your home decor
  • Lost & Found Who? - The personalized name feature ensures it won't get lost or during vacations, overnight boardings, or even on road trips! 

Our Guarantee

Every customer gets a 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase. When you're not happy, we're not happy and we'll happily refund you your money and make it up to you, no questions asked.


Is this blanket foldable?

Yes! It's easy to fold and carry anywhere your dog goes.

Do you throw the whole blanket in the wash?

Yes! It's all one piece. Goes in the wash easily and comes out perfect.

How thick is the blanket?

Approximately 1.5 Inches.

How long is shipping?

Approximately 10-20 days with free shipping and tracking included!

I'm afraid my dog won't use it. What should I do?

We recommend giving the blanket your scent to have your dog more likely to use the Furrsonalized Blanket. "My dog was gun-shy at first about a new blanket, but once I put it around me to capture my scent, she decided she loves it!"

Why Dog Heaven?

Dog Heaven was created by dog lovers for dog lovers. As a dog parent to another, you can feel confident in knowing that we wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't give to our own dogs.

How do I contact Dog Heaven?

Simply email us at for 24/7 support!

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