Dog Heaven™ Luxe Cloud Blanket

$110.00 $149.00 -27% OFF

Dog Heaven™ Luxe Cloud Blanket

$110.00 $149.00 -27% OFF

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Made in the USA

Introducing The Most Luxurious Blanket For Your Fur Baby

Handmade in the USA, we planned every element of this blanket for our dogs, so we know you'll love it.  

Made with three layers of our Luster Loft fabric, this blanket is durable and comfy, while not having any annoying fluff that some dogs like to pick at. 

Our padded luxury dog blanket is specially designed to provide maximum coziness while also serving as a dog pad, car seat protector, or anywhere else you need it. Use it on furniture, dog kennels, and other areas to keep them free from pet hair, dirt, spills and more!

And for nervous dogs, the extra weight of the Luxe Cloud Blanket is just the thing to keep them calm and well rested.

  • Easy Care - Simply machine wash this luxury dog blanket in cold on a delicate cycle. Either hang to dry or tumble dry with low to medium heat.
  • Cloud Like Comfort - Improve the quality of your dogs' rest with comfort that's hard to resist
  • Shed Free Blanket - Simply wipe pet hair away with a single hand swipe. Our brushed and sheared premium fabric creates a non-shedding, non-pilling finish. 
  • Stress Relief - Our luster material gives a sense of security and comfort to soothe your pets stress/nerves
  • Handmade in the USA with global materials
  • Dimensions: 35" x 27" 

A Blanket Like No Other

The perfect mix between a pillow and a blanket to create the Luxe Cloud Blanket®. Created with premium soft materials built to last, this luxury dog blanket will be your pooch’s favorite napping spot! 


Is this blanket foldable?

Yes! It's easy to fold and carry anywhere your dog goes.

Do you throw the whole blanket in the wash?

Yes! It's all one piece. Goes in the wash easily and comes out perfect.

I'm afraid my dog won't use it. What should I do?

We recommend giving the blanket your scent to have your dog more likely to use the Cloud Blanket. "My dog was gun-shy at first about a new blanket, but once I put it around me to capture my scent, she decided she loves it!"

Why Dog Heaven?

Dog Heaven was created by dog lovers for dog lovers. As a dog parent to another, you can feel confident in knowing that we wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't give to our own dogs.

How do I contact Dog Heaven?

Simply email us at for 24/7 support!

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